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Stop manually checking github, blogs, twitter, newsletters, and what's new pages. We continuously monitor the changelogs and releases of all your business-critical software so you don't have to.

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No more endless searching for changelogs across your entire stack.

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All of your changelogs in one place

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Get notified of security updates when they happen, not when you go check

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Watch out for deprecations and prevent breakage

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Rest easy knowing all of your changelogs are being constantly monitored for you, day and night.Currently:


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  • Monitor up to 3 services

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  • 1 User

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$96 $88 billed annually.



  • Monitor up to 250 Services

  • Up to 3 Users

  • Unlimited Notifications

  • Priority Support

Billed monthly or
$600 $550 billed annually.

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Monitor all the software changes that impact your business. You can get notifications via email when a changelog you monitor is released.

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Need more team members or an integration not available yet? Contact us.

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